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Rocket Piano

General Information

rocket piano

Rocket Piano is a multimedia piano teaching course designed to teach you how to quickly and easily learn how to play the piano from the comfort of your own home. 

It uses a step by step teaching method that incorporates videos as well as educational games to help make the process of learning how to play the piano an easier process than has been possible in the past with traditional teaching methods. 

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Product Details

Developed by Ruth Searle, a Grade 8 Solo Pianist with over 15 years of classical piano experience, Rocket Piano is the culmination of her years of experience and passion for teaching others to play the piano.

The Rocket Piano system goes beyond normal piano courses or piano lessons in that you learn how to play more than just sheet music.  You will also learn how to improvise or do what's called "playing by ear."  Essentially, this means you'll learn how to sit down and play a song you just heard on the radio. 

As far as "play the piano" systems go, this is the most comprehensive we've found.

There is also a 6-part e-course being given away on the basics of playing the piano available on the Rocket Piano Homepage

Price: $39.95.  One time fee. (This price is for the online version, the physical version costs $199.95)

Return Policy: 60 Day unconditional money back guarantee

5 star rating
***Editors Choice***


218 step-by-step lessons
57 video lessons
133 audio files
checkbox Jayde Musica Pro - Learn how to read musical notes while playing this educational game.  Makes the process of learning how to read notes fun.
Chordinator - Similar to Jayde Musica Pro exept this game focuses on teaching you piano chords instead of just individual notes

Advanced Learning Techniques for Piano - This bonus is reminiscent of something you'd learn about in books like The Einstein Factor or in a product from the Learning Strategies Corporation.  Essentially, this book teaches you how to practice using visualization exercises.
Perfect Your Pitch Pro - This book helps you train your ear to hear individual notes better.

>>Learn More About Rocket Piano<<

Consumer Feedback

"...The free course [6 part e-course] is WAY more than I found in a PAID course I bought a year ago. "  
Actual user feedback from

"The amount of detail truly puts Rocket Piano above the rest of the competition. Everything is explained very thoroughly and they are sure not to teach over your head. The amount of content available is amazing..."  
Actual user feedback from

"[Rocket Piano] is pretty easy to use and has lots of material that can help you get better. When I first used it I was only playing piano by ear and couldn't read anything. Now I've actually made some songs that are really good and am selling them online for money"  
Actual user feedback

Website URL:


>>Learn More About Rocket Piano<<

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