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Pure Pitch Method

General Information

pure pitch method review

Pure Pitch Method


Pure Pitch Method is a training course designed to help regular people learn pitch recognition.  This is the same skill that musicians like Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Frank Sinatra, Miles Davis, Jimi Hendrix and many other have possessed.

Pitch recognition is largely considered one of the most important qualities for a musician to have.

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Product Details

Developed by guitar player Ryan Cameron, Pure Pitch is designed to help people who don't have absolute pitch get that skill.  The author himself didn't possess absolute pitch until he reached the age of 16.  Ryan Cameron found that absolute pitch (perfect pitch) was indeed a skill that people could learn. 

The course is based on the idea that everyone can acquire perfect pitch and that it's a skill that can be learned.  However, recent research has revealed that everyone is born with perfect pitch.  It seems that at a young age many of use lose that ability, though.  PurePitch is designed to help you recover that long forgotten skill deemed essential to serious musicians.

There aren't a lot of "pitch recognition training" products on the market right now since it tends to be a little understood skill.  Of those we've reviewed, Pure Pitch Method is the one on we would recommend to anyone serious about improving their ability to play music. 

Price: $97.00.  One time fee.

Return Policy: 60 Day unconditional money back guarantee

5 star rating


Learn how to name any note or chord by ear
Play all your favorite songs by ear
Sing any note from memory without a pitch pipe
checkbox Compose songs and melodies in your head
Know the key signature of any song by ear
Identify whether a pitch is sharp or flat by ear
Hear sheet music mentally as you read it
Increase your appreciation of music

>>Learn More About Pure Pitch Method<<

Consumer Feedback

"...The great thing about the pure pitch method is that you don't even have to be a musician to use it... "  
Actual user feedback from Lee Stone on

"There are no secrets. You just have to put in the hard work. Ear training is a life's work. If someone wants to have incredible abilities, but doesn't want to spend the rest of their lives working them, then they have been fed some pretty false information on what ear training is...."  
Actual user feedback from forums

"While relative pitch has long been taught to all musicians & singers, it used to be thought that perfect pitch was a “natural” ability that only the very few “musical geniuses” such as Beethoven & Mozart had. It was thought you had to be born with it and that it could never be developed.

It is now known that that is no more true than the old idea that the earth is flat. The earth is round of course, and yes you can develop perfect pitch."

Actual user feedback from

Website URL:


>>Learn More About Pure Pitch Method<<

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