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Piano By Pattern

General Information

piano by pattern review

Piano By Pattern


Piano By Pattern is a popular training course on the subject of learning how to play the piano by ear. 

This differs from other piano playing courses in that it doesn't teach you how to read sheet music.  Instead, you learn to play based on songs you hear or make up in your head.

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Product Details

Developed by Scott Jordan, who has 6 record deals, Piano By Pattern teaches you how to play the piano by ear using pattern recognition instead of teaching you to play the piano by reading sheet music. 

This is probably the shortest course we've reviewed to date.  For many people, the fact that it's less than 76 minutes of videos to learn from is probably a good thing given how hectic many peoples schedules are today. 

The course promises you'll be able to see noticeable results in your piano playing in just two days after watching the his videos.

Price: $49.95.  One time fee.

Return Policy: 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

4 star rating


How to solo like a piano master even if you've never owned a piano
Sit down at the piano and make up a song and have it actually sound good
Learn how to play a song you just heard on the radio in just a few minutes
checkbox Learn how to play music from any genre
Speed train your fingers to play faster than you thought you could move them
Discover how to hear different tones of any instrument
Improve your piano playing skills by 400% in just two days

Secrets To Explosive Songwriting
Read Music Now


>>Learn More About Piano By Pattern<<

Consumer Feedback

"...If you learn Piano Patterns you can be playing professional sounding music in minutes. I honestly mean that.... "  
Actual user feedback from

"[Piano By Pattern] won't magically make you a musician overnight, but it can cut down your learning curve considerably if you follow the program consistently...."  
Actual user feedback from Galadriel Anderson on

"Piano By Pattern does a first rate job in teaching how to play by ear, and also includes resources for teaching how to read music...."  
Actual user feedback from

Website URL:


>>Learn More About Piano By Pattern<<


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