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Hear And Play / Piano by Ear

General Information

piano by ear review

Hear And Play


Hear and Play is not just one product but the umbrella for a large variety of products all designed to help you play an instrument by ear. 

Their best known product is the "Piano By Ear" home study course which teaches regular people how to play the piano by ear, i.e. without needing to be able to read sheet music.

>>Learn More About Hear And Play<<

Product Details

Developed by play by ear prodigy, Jermaine Griggs, Hear and Play started with just one product, Piano By Ear home study course.  Hear and Play was one of the first "learn to play the piano" websites, and has grown to become one of the largest and most popular piano sites on the Internet. 

Hear and Play now offers a whole host of products, and they go beyond just learning how to play the piano.  They now have products to help you learn to play the guitar, jazz music, gospel music, salsa music, and even a 10 disc vocal mastery series. 

The flagship product, however, remains the Play By Ear home study course for learning how to play the piano by ear. 

The website also offers over 60 free videos, articles, piano lessons, and tutorials that essentially allow you to get started before you are asked to buy anything.  At PianosCentral, we like sites that are willing to prove that their materials are worthwhile before they try to get your money.  

Price: $69.95.  One time fee.  This is the Price of "Play By Ear"  Other product prices vary.  Unlike many other courses, this is a physical product and is actually shipped to your door via Priority Mail.

Return Policy: Product can be returned anytime for a 100% refund.

5 star rating


Learn how to play a song after listening to it on the radio
Learn how to recognize various chords in several chord professions by ear
Improvise on the spot while playing favorite songs
checkbox Secrets to finding the key center of a song without playing more than a few notes
Recognize chord changes in most songs without evening being at the piano
How to alter chords to make them sound full
How to recognize bad chords in a progression
Learn the difference between triads, sevenths, ninths, elevenths, and thirteenths chords

>>Learn More About Hear And Play<<

Consumer Feedback

"...You're really going to love playing the piano when you know the secrets of how to play by ear... "  
Actual user feedback from Graham Howard on

"I am familiar with Jermaine Griggs' lessons. He is very good in my opinion. I know that he is very legitimate. His lessons are just about what he says, but of course only valuable according to the effort applied. (not a silver bullet). His 300 page gospel series(I forgot the course number) is good. I was satisfied with the courses that I took. His prices are reasonable for what you get. (in my opinion) He offers a lenghty money back guarantee, but I kept all of the material that I ordered...."  
Actual user feedback from forums

"If you understood just half of what he discussed... you'll definitely benefit from his 300-pg course..."  
Actual user feedback from

Website URL:


>>Learn More About Hear And Play<<


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