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Comparison of an Electric Baby Grand Piano to a Regular Grand Piano

A grand piano can certainly be an imposing piece in every home, but it is not for everybody. For one thing, it can be too big for compact homes. Thereís also your budget to think about. This piano type can be too much for some families especially to those with children living under one roof. If you are musically inclined and would love to instill the same interest to your kids, donít let these factors keep you from getting an instrument. Instead of getting a regular grand piano, you can compromise and settle for an electric baby grand piano instead. Despite being smaller, they can be pretty powerful too.

As the name implies, the baby grand piano is basically more compact than the full-size grand piano. Since it can easily fit in a regular-size living room or family den, it has been a favorite of many musical families. Because of its size, kids and young adults may find it a more manageable instrument to learn from. Most piano players who are just starting to learn would appreciate the fact that almost all components of the instrument are accessible. They donít have to deal with the sheer bulk of the regular grand pianos.

In terms of performance, you cannot say that the electric baby grand piano is inferior to the grand piano. One of the most apparent differences between the two is the length and position of the key strings. Since the baby grand is smaller, the sound tends to be less accurate compared to the other type. Despite this trait, it can still be able to make rich and melodious sounds. If you are going to listen to the baby grand and other piano types, you would hear how superior the former one is.

Keep in mind that they may be less expensive than grand pianos, but they can still be costly for most people. You donít want to push yourself in a financial strain because you have to buy one for your house. Think of the perfect time to purchase one. If there is someone in your home who will genuinely enjoy this instrument, then feel free to get one as long as you can afford it.  

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