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Best Digital Piano - Kurzwil, Kawai, Korg

In the world of digital pianos, you'll find you have plenty of options, but if you're looking for accurate piano sound, you'll find just a few make the grade.

Who Makes Them?

While the first names that pop into you head when you think pianos are likely Steinway, Bluthner, or Bechstein; it's important to remember what makes a digital piano different from it's counterpart.

Remember that a digital piano uses circuit boards and speakers to reproduce sound rather than hammers, strings, and acoustics.

So it's probalby not surprising that some of the top names in digital pianos hail from the electronics makers like Casio and Yamaha rather than the Steinways of the world.

Best Digital Piano

You'll find plenty of debate among piano purists about which digital piano is the best.

Some will say the best digital piano is the one you don't buy (it's best to ignore the cynics) or that you should get a Steinway... clearly they missed the "digital" part of "best digital piano..." Steinway doesn't make them.

While the best selling digital pianos are the Casio PX-120 and Yamaha YPG-535, you're not going to find anyone confusing them with concert quality performances anytime soon.

So what are you contenders for the best of the best?

Here are my top three contenders:

Kurzweil Mark 112i - Kurzweil digital pianos aren't particularly easy to find nor are they cheap. However, if it's quality you want, then you'd be hard pressed to do better than a Kurzweil. The Mark 112i is a Digital Mini Grand (and looks like a grand piano)

It has a Boston-style fallboard and an 88-note weighted keyboard with a three degree tilt, like what you'd expect to find in a concert grand piano. Since it's a digital piano, it can do more than sound like a piano and has 325 different user selectable sounds it can reproduce.

Expect to pay $4,500 to $6,000 if you can find one.

Kawai DP1 - Kawai claims this piano can so closely replicate a concert grand, you just might forget it's a digital piano. It features 88 wooden keys and is designed to have the same feel as a real piano.

If you can find one, expect to spend $10,000 to $15,000.

Korg SP-250 - Consider this the choice for anyone on a budget. It gets excellent reviews in it's price range, yet is an affordable choice in the digital piano world.

It's an 88-key piano and is far more portable than other two mentioned above. It has weighted keys and comes with the pedals and stand.

This piano lists at a budget friendly $1,199 and can be found at online retailers for about $700.


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